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Freelance Writer Biographical Information:
Born in Houston, Texas. Attended the University of Houston. Poetry also published in The Ebbing Tide (Fall,1996), The Poet's Pen (Spring, 1997), Night Roses (Spring, 1997), The Miraculous Medal (accepted, publication pending). National Library of Poetry Editor's Choice Award for Outstanding Achievement in Poetry 1996. Historical non-fiction short stories and custom poetry published in The Prejean-Sonnier-LeBlanc Reunion, Kerlegon-Breaux-Norman Reunion booklets and 2000 Our Mother of Mercy Catholic Church Founder's Day program.  
Available For Publication:
Unpublished poetry and fiction short stories 
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The Louisiana to Houston Connection (click here to view)
Fulfilling A Dream 
(click here to view)
The Community of Frenchtown Builds A Church (click here to view) 
Sammy's Story:  
A Funeral Memorial (click here to view)
Tribute to Henriette Delille and Saint Bakhita (click here to view)
Event/Media Participation & Recognition: 
Houston, Texas
Jr. Knights/Daughters Talent Competition Talent Competition Judge April, 1997 
Poetry, short story and historical memoir composer/narrator:
Prejean Sonnier LeBlanc Reunion Poetry and short story July, 2000
Ames, Texas 
Kerlegon Breaux Norman Reunion Poetry and short story September, 2000
Houston, Texas
Our Mother of Mercy Catholic Church Custom Poem Founder's Day October, 2000 
AKA Sorority Black Arts Tea Poetry April 22, 2001, Ensemble Theater Houston
20 Year Wedding Anniversary Custom Poem "Our Love" July 21, 2001  
St. Andrews Church Choir Appeal Custom Poem "Voices Lifted" Nov. 11, 2001
Houston Blues Society International Blues Challenge Texas Regionals Judge Sept, 2004
Frenchtown Marker Dedication History/Custom Poem "Over Here In Frenchtown" Feb 21, 2009 Frenchtown Lecture, The Heritage Society, Oct 21, 2010 
Los Angeles, California
Prejean Sonnier LeBlanc Reunion Custom Poem "Family Love" and Historical Memoir:    Houston to Hollywood: In Search of Golden Dreams July 14, 2002
80th Birthday Celebration Custom Poem "Bird of Paradise" July, 2003  
Las Vegas, Nevada Prejean Sonnier LeBlanc Reunion  Poetry "A Race To Run" July, 2004          
Radio /TV Programs/Newpapers: Houston, Texas
Life To The Full - Guest on Catholic Radio Program hosted by Madeline Johnson aired July 29, 2001 as follows: 6 am KCOH (1430) AM Houston, 7:15 am KGBC (1540) AM Galveston, 10 am KPVU (91.3) FM Prairie View,3:45 pm KYOK (1140) AM Conroe, 7:15 pm KWWJ (1360) AM Baytown 
Life To The Full - Guest on Catholic Radio Program hosted by Madeline Johnson aired August 26, 2001 as follows: 6 am KCOH (1430) AM Houston, 7:15 am KGBC (1540) AM Galveston, 10 am KPVU (91.3) FM Prairie View, 3:45 pm KYOK (1140) AM Conroe, 7:15 pm KWWJ (1360) AM Baytown 
Let's Talk Zydeco Guest on 97.9 FM The Box Houston, Texas radio program hosted by "Sly Guy" Michaels live broadcast on October 7, 2001 
Zydeco Radio Program - Guest on 105.3 FM Lake Charles, Louisiana radio program hosted by Cullen Washington live broadcast on January 19, 2002
Zydeco Cowboy Fred Carter Show Radio Program - Guest on 89.3 FM Washington DC radio program hosted by Fred Carter live broadcast on March 5, 2011
Reviews:  You were wonderful! DiDi C., Excellent! Yolanda S.
TV Show: KTRK Channel 13 Crossroads Melanie Lawson October 19, 2008 Houston, Texas - featured as a 2008 Creole People's Award recipient 
NewspapersDefender (Houston, Texas) - Featured in the October 19-25, 2008 issue, Chag's Place column as a recipient of the 2008 Creole People's Award
Houston Chronicle - Featured in the February 19, 2009 issue, Good Times To Roll Again In Frenchtown, featured on line February 26, 2009 at www.chron.com Heights/Neartown, Dedication ceremony
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Our Mother of Mercy Catholic Church member
St. Augustine Historical Society 
Creole Heritage Center Member
Southwestern Bell Pioneers - Houston Life Member 
The Recording Academy (GRAMMY®) Songwriter (Texas Chapter)
Freelance Writer, Composer & Narrator
Associate Editor, Eh Toi! Zydeco & Blues Magazine
Travel Agent, Passport Travelers to 2013
The Creole Poet.Owner/Travel Agent. An IATAN accredited travel agency 
Creole Poet Records, Owner/Songwrtier 

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Good Bye Friends Poem dedicated to SBC active & retired employees (click here to view)
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Dear Grandparents Poem - South Beauregard Elem. Louisiana (click here to view)
Webmaster: Denise Labrie
Award: 2008 Creole People's Award presented Oct. 10, 2008 in Marksville, Louisiana by the Creole Heritage Center Nothwestern State University (Natchitoches, Louisiana)

Narrator: Live readings - Sonnier/Prejean/Leblanc Family Reunion July 2000, Our Mother of Mercy Catholic Church Oct 2000, Poetry Reading Ensemble Theater April 2001, Frenchtown historical marker dedication February 2009, numerous funeral/wedding anniversary/family reunion poetry/short story readings. 

Lecturer: The Heritage Society (heritagesociety.org) Oct 2010 Houston, Texas. The lecture includes a historical view of the community comprised of Creoles who migrated from Louisiana to Houston and settled in an area of Houston known as Frenchtown. It details their contributions to the community, preservation of their unique language, music, culture, and heritage, and founding of Our Mother of Mercy Catholic Church. Houston Frenchtown slide presentation and lecture by Denise Labrie available for future bookings.
Review:  Earlier today I was privileged to witness an outstanding lecture on Frenchtown and Creole Culture presented by Denise Labrie at the (Houston) Heritage Society. She tracked and narrated the migration from Louisiana to Houston, which many of our ancestors made. Awesome job Denise! Byron N.  

Books Published:  
1) The Creole Chronicles, Volume 4, Houston Frenchtown (October 2002) To request a copy from the Louisiana Creole Heritage Center (See the Creole Chronicles tab on the Projects & Publications pull down list) click here: www.nsula.edu/creole 
- April 6, 2008 excerpt from the book featured at www.houstorian.wordpress.com Frenchtown and the Silver Slipper
- February 19, 2009 excerpt from the book featured in the Houston Chronicle newspaper article Good Times To Roll Again In Frenchtown. Also available on line at www.chron.com

2) Parle Creole French: Southern Louisiana Dialect (June 2010) (formerly Parle Creole French I (May 2006) & II (Dec 2008) Order book at left (previously purchased CD's are still applicable to this book To order the CD click the button at the end of this page below to pay by PayPal. Parle Creole French: Southern Louisiana Dialect is a presentation of the unique indigenous language spoken by Inez Prejean Calegon. This presentation is designed to assist with speaking and understanding the Creole French vernacular spoken by Inez and her family. Lists of words in English/French and French/English with English pronunciation guides, short stories about Inez and her family’s migration to Texas following the 1927 Great Mississippi Flood and their contributions to the community of “Frenchtown”, founding of Our Mother of Mercy Church, ancestor photos, and additional Creole details of interest (list of favorite foods, superstitions, and sayings) are included in the book. An audio CD to accompany portions of the book is available for purchase exclusively on-line at www.deniselabrie.com. If readers previously purchased Parle Creole French I/II audio CD's, they are still applicable to this book. 
Reader reviews: 
- Received it and I love it . Thank you. Jody T.
- You are so talented and I'm proud to have the fruits of that talents. Thank you so much! Mark G.
- The book has helped me to be able to speak Creole French with those who speak it at the Zydeco dances. Jody T.
- Charles C. is enjoying the book. Clarence D.
- Received your book and cd today. I know I will enjoy them. Thank you for the speedy service. Anna T. 
- Received the book. I am already enjoying it. Shirley M.
I'm forwarding this to you all because I know somewhere down the line you either have family that speaks this currently or use to speak this.  It's a very unique and region sensitive book, that captures a part of history that's special to those we are related to or know.  Please share with others from the Mother Mercy legacy or Southern Louisiana decent......Richard B.
- I appreciate your efforts to keep our family traditions alive. Vanessa M.  
- Preserve the culture. It is always great to keep learning and broaden your horizons. This is a perfect book to keep the Creole French language alive, which is a big part of the Creole culture. M.L.
- Thank you for giving us some of our past to share with our future. My parents love when I speak to them in creole. Thank You! Rose R.
- I thank you Denise and Aunt Inez for putting together this book & cd, with this we can keep our family language alive. Victoria N.

3) Reflections: A Poetry Collection (May 2009)  Order book at left and read the editorial review on-line or click the button at the end of this page below to pay by PayPal. A collection of poems written over the span of 10 years. Many of the poems in the book are suitable for reading at a special event, reunion, wedding, anniversary, funeral, etc. Includes the most requested poems: Heaven's Gate and A Race To Run, poems celebrating Creole culture and heritage, poetry tributes to Henriette Delille (co-founder of the Sisters of the Holy Family), Saint Bakita (1st African Saint) and Dr. Martin Luther King. Also, includes poetry celebrating Our Mother of Mercy Church and Frenchtown (Houston). Be one of the first to own this unique book. See copy of book cover at left.
Reader reviews: 
- Great Work! Cheryl S.
- I started reading the poems and continued to read all of them in one sitting. I couldn't put the book down. Verdale D.
- Received the book yesterday and I have been so busy reading. I know me and my girls will enjoy the book. Carolyn R.
- Received your book today and I am loving it. Veronica G.
- Congratulations on the publication of your book. I'm happy Henriette Delille is in it. God bless you. Sr. Doris G.
- God gave you a gift and you are using it in such a great way. Janet G
- I re-read the poem about the founding of Our Mother of Mercy Church, and of course, I was inspired and delighted all over again. I am happy that you have decided to go public with your talents with others so that you can be an inspiration to them. Jeraldine W.

4) Interpretations: A Short Story Collection a compilation of Denise Labrie’s fictional short stories written using interpretative literature

The Creole Diaries (oral history): Scriptwriter/producer click the button on this page to order and pay by PayPal- Jan 2009: Denise Labrie's writings and Inez Prejean Calegon's oral history documentation about the 1927 Flood and migration from Louisiana to Texas cited in a book length study written by Richard M. Mizelle, Jr., Florida State UniversityA great resource for family history, school reports, dissertations, research books, etc. Portions of Inez’ oral history have been cited in the language book, Parle Creole French: Southern Louisiana Dialect, by Denise Labrie, a college doctoral degree dissertation, university professor book length study, student school reports and a book on Houston’s ethnic diversity. 
Newspaper/Magazines: People interviewed for articles: Galveston-Houston Diocese: Bishop Fiorenza, Madeline Johnson, Joe Sample (Creole Festival Cruise and Mardi Gras) Kermon Richard (Richard's Club). Robby "Mann" Robinson and Jeffery Broussard (Zydeco Force),Terrance Simien, Leroy Thomas (Leroy Thomas and the Zydeco Roadrunners) Brian Jack (Brian Jack and the Zydeco Gamblers), Rockin' Dopsie, Jr., Dr. Harlan Mark Guidry, Dr. Michael White
Published Credits/Position: Eh Toi! Zydeco & Blues Magazine 
Editor Guy Michael Anderson, Associate Editor Denise Labrie
Editor's Note (January/February 2003) page 4
Cover Story - Zydeco Force "The Force Is With You" (March/April 2002) page 12
Articles - Page 15:
- Our Mother of Mercy "The Community of French Town  
  Builds A Church" (July/August 2001)
St. Francis of Assisi "Francis, Repair My Church"
  (Sept/Oct 2001)
St. Mary of the Purification Catholic Church "A Church For
  All Seasons" (Nov/Dec 2001)
- Creole Festival Cruise and Mardi Gras (Jan/Feb 2002) page 8
- Richard's Club "A Dance Hall of Fame" (March/April 2002) page 9 
- St. Mary of the Purification Church "A Church For All Seasons" 
  (March/April 2002) page 16
- St. Monica's Catholic Church "Serving God and Community" (May/June 
Featured Music Review - page 7 - Terrance Simien "The Tribute Sessions" (March/April 2002) Music Reviews - page 7:
The Masked Band "The Creole Connection" (July/August 2001) 
C.J. Chenier "Step It Up" (Sept/Oct. 2001)
Beau Jocque "The Best of Beau Jocque" (Jan/Feb 2002) Page 17
Nooney & The Zydeco Floaters "We Bringing The Heat" 
  (Jan/Feb 2002) Page 19
- Leroy Thomas and the Zydeco Roadrunners "Somebody's Lookin' For 
  Ya" (March/April 2002) page 17
- Brian Jack and the Zydeco Gamblers "Once Again" (March/April 2002) 
  page 19
- Rockin' Dopsie, Jr. "Rockin' Zydeco Party!" (May/June 2002) page 19
- Rockin' Sidney "My Toot Toot" (Sept/Oct 2002) page 17
- John Delafose & The Eunice Playboys "Joe Pete Got Two Women" 
  (Sept/Oct 2002) page 18
- Denise to Denise...Lady to Lady, Denise LaSalle "Still the Queen" 
  (Jan/Feb 2003) page 7
- Best Kept Secret "Steppin' Out" (Jan/Feb 2003) page 10
- Zydeco The Essential Collection (Jan/Feb 2003) page 16 
- Brian Jack and the Zydeco Gamblers "Getting Down to Business" 
  (March/April, 2003) page 8
Book Review A Diadem in Creole Composition, Natchitoches and Louisiana's 
Timeless Cane River (Sept/Oct 2002) page 19.Order today at: Amazon. com...click here!! 
The Creole Poet - Poetry page 8   Reflections of Narcissism (July/August 2001)   Founder's Day (July/August 2001)   A Race To Run (Sept/Oct 2001)   A Creole Christmas (Nov/Dec 2001)   Bon Nouvel Annee (Happy New Year) Jan/Feb 2002 page 10   Paques Benediction  (Easter Blessing) March/April 2002 page 10   Mere Cher (Mother Dear) May/June 2002 page 21 Heaven's Gate (Sept/Oct 2002) page 21  Dawn...Aurore (Jan/Feb 2003) page 21   Oiseau Brun...(Brown Bird) (March/April, 2003) page 21 
The Josephite Harvest Magazine To View Current and Previous Issue Articles On-Line Click Here: http://www.Josephite.com Click on Josephite Harvest to view
- Jr. Knight and Jr. Daughter Scholarship Article (June 2001 Issue) Page 25
Josephite Returns To Celebrate 25th Anniversary (September 2001 Issue) Page 24
-  A Cause for Prayer (December 2001) Page 22 -  Parish Celebrates Sisters Jubilee Anniversaries   (December 2001) Page 23 - Filling Life to the Full (March 2002) Page 5
- Hearing God's Call to Serve (March 2002) Page 9 - A Centennial Youth Celebration (June 2002) page 17 - Keeping Alive the Creole Heritage in California (December 2002) page 3
Bayou Talk July-August 2004 The Louisiana to Houston Connection visit www.bayoutalk.com
Port Arthur News Front Page, Saturday, November 16, 2002, Excerpt of A Diadem In 
Creole Composition, Natchitoches and Louisiana's Timeless Cane River 
book review 
Zydecoach Newsletter To View This Southern California Zydeco Info Newsletter On-Line Click Here: http://www.zydecoach.com Poetry :- A Race To Run (Newsletter dated October 9, 2001 Volume 2, Issue 2) Page 2; Article - Richard's Club "A Dance Hall of Fame" (Newsletter dated July 21, 2002 Issue 30) Page 5 
THE Creole Book by Janet Ravare Colson, Prejean-Sonnier-LeBlanc Reunion article published April 25, 2012 The Creole Heritage Center order the book on line at www.lulu.com 
Ode to Smarkand by Russian Poetess Irina Alekeyeva 2013 includes a Creole French poetic translation by Denise Labrie along with translations by 70 poets and translators from 50 countries in this international project. The book is included in The Book of Records of Russia as the poem translated into the greatest number of languages published in one printed edition. 
Program ParticipationAvailable to read the custom composition during your event 
Projects In Progress: Requiem Of A Dying Man: A Tribute To Dad
Louisiana Music CD, Zydeco Documentary Screenplay, Movie Screenplay, Documentary Screenplay
Location of archived articles and booksDiocese of Houston-Galveston, Josephites, City of Houston, Northwestern State University, The Heritage Society (Houston, TX) 
Location of archived songs: Library of Congress online catalog www.catalogloc.gov
- 2008  Interviews with Denise Labrie and Inez Prejean Calegon cited in Dixie West: Race, Migration, And The Colorlines in Jim Crow dissertation by Tyina Leaveice Steptoe University of Wisconsin - Madison
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Pre-publication book reading/feedback for authors - The Journey (Jan 2002) 

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Parle Creole French: Southern Louisiana Dialec- CD & Book - Learn to speak Creole French or refresh your memory

Reflections: A Poetry Collection A collection of poems, several include Creole words and phrases

Interpretations: A Short Story Collection  A compilation of Denise Labrie’s fictional short stories written using interpretative literature

The Creole Diaries - Inez Prejean Calegon's oral history on CD includes the Great Mississippi Flood of 1927, migration to Texas, Frenchtown and more! 

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CD artist bio by Denise Labrie  
Madame T - thank u for the Awesome  job u done on my BIO. U rock and yes you already got a compliment from California - May 2013. Click the above CD cover to order the new single at CDBaby.
Parle Creole French: Southern Louisiana Dialect Book & CD
Denise Labrie presents the unique and beautiful indigenous language spoken by her mother, Inez Prejean Calegon. View the book & CD slide video presentation at

The Creole Diaries - Inez Prejean Calegon's oral history on CD detailing her and her families experiences in Louisiana and Texas including The Great Mississippi Flood of 1927.