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Two servants of the Lord: Henriette Delille and Saint Bakhita although from different parts of the world shared a similarity in that one served slaves on the streets of New Orleans and the other went from a slave in Africa to a servant of the Lord. Their lives touched many people through their loving acts of kindness. 

I was educated at Our Mother of Mercy School in Houston, Texas by The Sisters of the Holy Family (the black nuns of New Orleans) who were founded by Henriette Delille.  After reading several articles about her life, I am inspired by the many lives she brightened and continues to cast a bright light on to this very day. She is in the process of becoming the first U.S. native-born African American Saint.

On October 1, 2000 the day that Saint Bakhita (the first black saint) was canonized, I read a Founder's Day poem and provided a historical memoir, The Community of French Town Builds A Church, that I wrote for Our Mother of Mercy Church Founder's Day program.

The guest speaker during the event, Mrs. Madeline M. Johnson, Producer/Director, The Office of Radio for the Diocese of Galveston-Houston talked about Saint Bakhita and her canonization.
Shortly after the event, Mrs. Jeraldine Woodard sent a booklet to me about the life of Saint Bakhita along with a Thank You note for participating in the Founder's Day event.  I was awestruck at the light that radiates from Saint Bakhita's faith and love of God from hearing and reading about her life.

I hope the following poems will serve as a tribute to the lives of these two holy women of God. They are indeed a candle light of hope illuminating a dark world.

The poems are now available in the book Reflections: A Poetry Collection order at or

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A Tribute to Henriette Delille
and Saint Bakhita
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      A Tribute to Henriette Delille
               by Denise Labrie

Rejected and neglected
All alone as they lay.
Anguised cries and misery
While others look away.

Amidst a bitter scenery.
A backdrop of despair.
Tears are dried, wounds cleansed,
Hunger pangs are spared.

Souls are saved and solemly set free.
What would Jesus do?
Will birthright's denial keep us from our dreams?
For, He was once rejected too.

Let me be a part of you.
There's so much work for us to see to.
If it must take them longer then,
I know what I must do.

The Dear Lord did not hesitate
In rendering to their needs
Among the dying, sick and poor.
Lovingly He responded to their pleas.

Doors that now seem closed.
Will one day open wide.
In the end, righteousness will reign.
And, blessed hopes preside.

What is done is for love of Him.
Hearts are mended, and dignity restored.
Orphaned children lovingly
Taken in, cared for, taught, and clothed.

A servant life, a joy for me.
The Lord's bountiful blessings sent.
Salvation assured for all eternity
At the end of the life of all God's great saints.
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                        Lucky One
                     by Denise Labrie

A slave to darkness
Yet I am set free
For I know the Good Master
And He loves me.

No chains can bound
The love deep in my heart
That overcomes
Whatever evil the enemy can start.

Bakhita, O fortunate one
For us to know
How to be thankful
When times are low.

From a slave to others
To a servant to the Lord.
We are grateful for your
Loving faithful words.

We thank God for the gifts
He bestowed on you.
And pray that he will bless us
In all that we say and do.

A true "lucky one" in God's plan.
Oh, but we feel it is our luck too
That the Dear Lord gave us
A saint to call on like you.

To learn more about Henriette Delille and to pray for her beatification please click here to visit:
To learn more about Saint Bakhita and to order a booklet about her life click here then click the Bishop Macram Gassis Homepage and click the St. Bakhita link from his homepage:
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