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I was delighted to write a Cajun poem for South Beauregard Elementary School's Grandparents Day Program held on October 16, 2001.

A student at the school was selected to read the poem during the program to about 400 grandparents.

The program included a skit titled, A Cajun Red Riding Hood and the poem was written to accompany the skit.

The following poem is dedicated to the children, grandparents, and school personnel at South Beauregard Elementary School in Louisiana.
Dear Grandparents
by Denise Labrie

I know there is a big bad wolf
With big eyes, ears and teeth.
And one day a Cajun Red Riding Hood
Found him in grandma's bed asleep.

Now when I think of scary things,
I close my eyes and see
That your face is always there
Softly smiling back at me.

Your kiss is like the
Sugar deep inside the cane
And your love is as warm as
Sunshine on the crops after a summer rain.

When we are together
I feel the gator in my beat.
And when we listen to Cajun music
I am ready to Zydeco with my feet.

And so my dear Grandparents
To show how much you mean to me
I am going to give you a hug and kiss
That's as big as the mighty Mississippi!

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