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The following poem is dedicated to SBC active and retired employees.
Thanks for the memories!
Good Bye Friends
by Denise Labrie

Your warm smiles
Will always shine across the miles.
As bright as sun shine.
Filling up the memories of my mind.

Warm conversation and sharing a good laugh.
Made the darkest days seem not so bad.
Words of encouragement and compassion.
Touched my heart in the warmest fashion.

To dream dreams I never thought would ever come true.
All because you were there just being you.
The road's not always been an easy one.
But together we rejoiced when the race was won.

Your wisdom gave me an inner peace.
As we climbed the many mountains we faced.
And swam many laps across the deepest sea.
That with God's help we were able to claim the victory.

Through all the years of hard work.
My life was so blessed and filled with sweet dessert.
Friend's like you made it all a pleasure.
That no yardstick will ever be long enough to measure.

You walked the path of life with me.
Across these years of seven and twenty.
I saw many good times along the way.
Because you said something to me that made my day.

On many days when I look back.
Through the long tunnel of time's track.
In a warm way I will always recall
How you played a special part in it all.

Parting really is such sweet sorrow.
As I look forward toward tomorrow.
Words can never express when a career span ends.
The feelings triggered by times signal to say "Good Bye Friends".
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